Humidor Humidity not staying up


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I bought a new humidor from It's a 75-100 cigar humidor. I charged it up just like it said, but it won't get up to 70% humidity. My other humidor stays right at 70% just fine, with only distilled water. This one won't get passed 62%. Any suggestions?




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Rod, mine took a while too. I also took a sponge and lightly dampened it with distilled water, then rubbed the inside of the dor with the sponge. The key is to only dampen the sponge, don't soak it. This will help the wood absorb enough moisture to maintain the RH. I personally keep mine around 65% to avoid any critters.

Another note.....alot of companies don't recommend doing this but as long as you lightly dampen the cedar, you'll be okay. You may need to do it a few times. I did it twice and mine has held 65% since. I also use one of Vern's Precision Tubos to help the crappy humidifier that came with my dor. I would also recommend a digital hygrometer as the analog models aren't very reliable and the digital is right on!

Good luck!

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All I can say is be paitent and give it time. The new coolerdoor I built was 78% for a week before it finally started going down and stabalized at 70%.


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Thanks guys. I'm going to try dampening the cedar like Leebo said. I think that will help out. Hopefully that will help. :)


I put dish of distilled in mine, put into a cooler, and in the cooler went a tupperware container full of tap water...Mine has a glass lid, so I checked it every day, and I think I pulled it out when it hit %80ish. Filled it up, and it has been good to go since...



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I've purchased a humi' also and have had the same problem. However, mine was a bit bigger than yours. It is the 300 cigar model. I am still working on perfecting the humidity level. I have tried the "damp sponge" method and it seems to be working. SLOWLY!!!! Good luck!