Humidor Temp too High


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I'm trying to get the temp lower in my humidor. Right now it hovers around 78-81 (way to high). My house is just way to hot and I can't afford having the AC on all day.

I saw some thermoelectric coolers (I'm currently thinking about the Igloo 50 quart for about $100) and wondered if anyone has used them and if it worked for them.

I also saw some wine coolers (currently thinking about the Haier wine cooler for about $250) that I'm considering as I have some wine bottles that I would like to store, and wondered if anyone used the wine coolers for both their wine and humidor. I saw people use the wine cooler as a humidor only, but would like to also use it for my wine.

I also have a Sanyo mini fridge around the house, would it work fine with a Williams temp controller?

Thanks for the help!


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It is good to see that I am not the only person who has this question. I keep my house around 75 when I am home and about 78-79 during the day as I have the programmable thermostat.

MY question is this. Does the 75-80 temp range have a truly bad effect other than risking mold?


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It's not mold you have to worry about with those temps, it the tobacco beetles. As the temp creeps past 74% you have a greater chance of beetle eggs hatching and those little bastages are hungry and will wipe out a humidor full of cigars in no time.

If you have to at the very least put your cigars in a cooler and in a seperate tray in the cooler put a couple of ice bags in to keep the temp down.

Thank goodness fall has arrived and I can start using the AC less. ;)


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I'm going to either use my office Sanyo fridge and add a temp controller, or get the wine cooler and use it to store both to store my wine bottles and cigars. I've read somewhere that I can keep it at about 65/65 and I can store both. :)

Thank gawd Fall is approaching... hate this heat! :angry:


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Hey guy's, try some climmax media beads {DRY} with your other humidification devices, use ether the 65% or the 70% {your preference} and if temp is a concern keep your coolerdors in a closet some were in the center of your house and on the floor of the closet. I live in New Mexico were the temps are very high and the humidity is 0%. I keep 3 coolerdors and 3 humidors as stated above and they all stay at about 68% humidity and 65 degrees temp
check out bargain humidors for climmax media.bargain humidors :thumbs: :thumbs:


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Hey Mike, I use 1 pound in my 150 quart cooler and 1/2 pound in my 54 quart coolers. i also use 1/4 pound split in 4 film vials spread through out my 100 count humidors. the stuff is amazing!! call bargain humidors and ask to speak with mike, he is a great guy and will talk you through and questions you have..


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Hey All, I have been lurking for a short while, but I am incredibly by this thread.

I have never heard of this Williams temp controller.
What is this and how does it work. intrigued

Living on the gulf coast humidity is rarely a problem, but the old lady is frequently unhappy about the 69 to 71 degree temp that is required to safeguard my "investment". Personally I think 70 is very comfortable


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I'm having the same problem. My humidity is down to 60% and the temperature is around 80°+.

We've been having really bad heat down here for too long now, and I can't leave the a/c on 24/7. So I'm trying to bring my sticks back to life.

This heat really sucks!!! Hopefully the weather will cool off here, but we sure don't see it happening soon. :angry:


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I'm not sure about a Williams temp controller but I do know of a Johnson temp controller. You will find these at places that sell home brewing equipment. Here's a site yu can get one for $50. Its located about halfway down the page.

Johnson Temp Controller

I have spoken to a person that has used one of these and said that it worked pretty good for bringing down the temps but created other issues that will need to be dealt with. When a refrigerators compressor kicks on your humidity will drop like a rock in water. Depending on how well your frig can hold its temp you could find your cigars being subjected to frequent humidity changes. One way to avoid that to some degree would be to keep all your cigars in cigar boxes. The cigar boxes actually help regulate the humidity and there would be less swing inside of the boxes. The other problem and prob the one to be most concerned with would be condesation build up. I would run the setup for a week or two. I have read that the wine frig's are know to get a bit of condesation build up along the back walls. Installing small fans for circulation can help. I currently have them in my unit for circulating air but do not have a condesation problem since I don't use the compressor.

Hope that helps a little. If you have any other questions about setting up a frig or wine cooler send me a PM and I'll try to answer them.