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Hi all

I thought i'd share this tip with you all in case it may be useful. I keep my smokes in a small cabinet which I built but was having trouble keeping the humidity up. My apartment is very dry. I bought one of those coffee cup warmers and put it inside the cabinet. I ran the card out a small whole in the back. I put a small dich of water on it and when i see my humidity dropping i plug it in. Within about a half hour i can get it up where i want it. I am also going to try using a timer to turn it on and off automaticaly.

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Stickman, I'm not so sure that I would want to introduce heat inside a cabinet to produce humidity. Heat is a big no no. I'm sure your method works to raise the humidity but not sure how you would regulate it.

If regular methods of introducing humidity (Credo's, beads, florist foam, PG) don't bring your humidity up to where you'd like it or sustain it I would suspect the cabinet is not sealed tight.

Just my 2 cents but I would never recommend putting heat into your cabinet.


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Well i appreciate your thoughts here. I hadn't really thought about the heat. I only have to turn it on very ocasionaly if it is a dry day. I know I need to make a better door since this one warped a wee bit and it doesn't seal totally. I cant see the heat being too much of an issue based on the actual amount that is being introduced.Less than they would see on a hot day.