Humidor with glass side


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If you've got seal issues make sure it's not the lid first. If it's a desktop, hold the lid up a few inches and let it drop. It should not slam or slap closed but rather ease down in the final 1/8th inch like there's a bit of air being pressed out. Also, there's a 'dollar bill test' where you would try and fit a dollar in between the lid seal while closed. If you can slide a bill in between the wood of the lid and body you may have issues at that point.
Glass is known to leak though...This is what I used in a recent build.
It’s counter tops display. I don’t want to open it that’s why I was asking if it’s cool to do it outside? Does the caulk have a smell to it?
The aquarium silicon smells very strong for about two days and then becomes odorless.
Just did the silicon did it on the outside applied a small amount it did smell but can’t smell it now hopefully it won’t get in the humidor now cigar Oasis isn’t turning on every 15 seconds