I am Boar's fanboy squee~


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That's great!
Have you drank any before? You'll HAVE to post a review! (I didn't find any on CP).


Definitely on my list of unicorns to hopefully one day get my hands on. I heard this year was really good compared to last.
Y'know, when the Spec's first opened here, nobody knew what a lot of this stuff was---they got in a single case of George T. Stagg and sold me the whole thing because no one wanted it! Last year they didn't get a SINGLE bottle ---they got ONE bottle each of the Pappy Van Winkle---and the year before, they only got ONE Stagg . . . a high end steak house here in town reserved it months ahead of time.

And I've NEVER seen the Forrester Birthday Bourbon here before. Unicorn indeed!

They got a case of Blanton's, too, and a bunch of BTAC releases I haven't heard of before, and a couple bottles of Rock Hill. I may go back and get either the Rock Hill or a Blanton's.



Get both the Rock Hill and Blanton's. They use the same mash bill, but are definitely different in their own way.


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I can't get Blantons pretty regularly. I am in the middle of the bourbon capital of the world Hit me up if you need me to look for anything for you.