I guess it was inevitable...


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Got an email from a vendor advertising boxes of Velvet Rats for $99. I remember several years back when I got into sampling through as many "new to me" NC's as possible. The Liga Unico stuff from DE was just beyond crazy as far as popularity and mega-$ resale value. I figured that bubble had to burst, especially since by the time I tried a Feral Pig I had people telling me "they ain't what they used to be". Ain't what they USED to be? Like...last year when they were invented, lol.

I enjoyed some DE stuff for a while, not the various rats and pigs as much. The apparent drop in quality reminds me of around 20 years ago when a Honduran smoke "Flor de Copan" came out...all in glass tubes. First release just blew me away, I had all my friends looking for them shortly after. The 2nd release came out..."Jerry, wtf happened to your tastebuds, man? These SUCK!" Sorry guys, here are some awesome Honduran puro SLR's as an apology. Surely these will around forever!

Anyway, $99 Velvet Rats...not shocking I guess. I'm assuming his booze will be in the bargain bins soon.

I'm not expecting to see "Closeout! RyJ Churchills for $125! anytime soon though.


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I dig the Undercrown lineup, and have been smoking a lot of the UC Sun Grown lately (before the move). I never really got into the rats or pigs -- like much of the "non-traditional" DE stuff, they just seemed like novelty to me.


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Liga 9's are the best thing DE has ever done, but I'm not sure if they are what they used to be or not. But I did enjoy them early on. I never got into the rest of the spin offs.