I Have The 65% Climmax, Is That Too Low?


I recently read that 65% is too low and wrappers will dry out and crack. I know that Climmax is a great product, but I am leery. Anyone have suggestions about "upgrading" to the 70% Climmax?


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I actually prefer most all of my cigars to be at 65% or there abouts myself. But I am sure some of the "O"er FOGs will have some input more useful than mine ;)


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I try to keep my ISOMs less than 70 because they tend to draw tight at 70. Nons seem to be fine at 70, but I don't think 65 will hurt them. If they start to feel dried out then I'd worry, but as long as they feel ok, then it's all good.

One question: where did you find the 65% beads? I didn't see them on Vern's site.

Matt R

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For me: 65% for Havanas, 70% for Non-Havanas and 70% for aging of Havanas. But, you're never going to be right on no matter what your hygrometer says. They are off +/- 4-5% anyway.


I try to keep my box between %65-%70 RH all the time. I live on an island where humidity can get quite high. So I often get burn issues when I store my gar's at %70 or higher. Over in England, they keep their cigars between %60-%65 for years with no adverse side effects.
I think what it comes down to is this, the cigar you have vs. the time the cigars have been at that RH. Some wrappers burn slower than others, some cigars are rolled tighter than others, and some cigars are shipped wetter than others. Do an experiment. Take 2 tupperwares, keep one at %65 and the other at above %70. Throw in 4 sticks of you favorite cigar into each. Let em sit for like a month or so, the smoke one of each. Take notes on the taste and burn characteristics of both. Bet after you smoke all of them you will notice a difference in trends between the 2. Maybe I am anal about this, but I bet I am not the only one.

Finally, I bet that if Vern is willing to but his reputation behind his product, then his product is worth it. Just my 2 cents.



FatherTiresius said:
One question: where did you find the 65% beads? I didn't see them on Vern's site.
When Vern e-mailed with me back and forth, he told me that I could request the 65% Climmax humidifier if I wanted. I figured, after bad experiences with overhumidification, that too low would be better than too high, so I requested the 65%. Vern never told me anything different, so I am assuming that my Climmax humidifier is a 65% one. I don't use a hygrometer though, so all I know is that most of my cigars feel like a silk tie.


Devin Cole said:
70% for aging, and 65% for smoking... :)
Does anyone else believe in this philosophy? I ask because I am considering running two humidors: one for aging & one for prime-timers, ready to be lit and smoked.
First and foremost, whatever Devin, MattR, or Shadow tells you regarding cigars...you can take to the bank.

I've never had a problem with 65% humidity personally, but I like to keep humidity around 70% minimum for long term storage.

Some of these guys keep a "dry" box to house the cigars that they intend to smoke in the near future. I'm not up to that level of sophistication yet.

Some folks just leave a cigar out of the humi for a short period of time prior to smoking to let the cigar "dry out" a little. I don't go to the trouble.



OK, Brothers . Here is the story. Most of the brothers that I think of as long time experts like my brother Devin are of the opinion that 65% cigars smoke better, and I agree with them. some of these bruddahs also want to age their cigars at 65% and some prefer aging at 70%, so I make our humidifiers in both RH ratings, even though I have not updated the site since I started offering the 65% product, all a brother has to do is request it in the comments section. Also when you order any of our humidifers make sure you mention that you are a CP brother in the comments section as I give my brothers a discount .