Illusione ~1~ Dark Prince Presidente Review

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Illusione ~1~ Dark Prince Presidente
This is one cigar that was on my wish list for a while. A fine BOTL gifted this to me and I let it rest for about eight months now. I kept looking at it in the humidor and vacillating between smoking and waiting. I finally looked at this beauty one too many times and decided that it was time. So here we go. 

Country: Nicaragua
Length/Ring:  9.25" x 48
Shape: "A" Perejo 
Wrapper: Cafe Colorado Wrapper
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo Filler
Strength: Medium - Full 

I pulled it out of it's nesting place and gave it the once over again, and decided it was time. This is a beautiful cigar with all it's 9 1/4" of glory. I noticed the Cafe Colorado wrapper with it's mocha color and slightly oily sheen. I clipped the cap using my double guillotine, and took a dry draw tasting a mild grainy flavor. I lit it with my Lotus triple flame torch. I took my first puff and could taste a mild earthy flavor with that little spice on my tongue. As I said, it was milder than I expected. It had a smooth draw. The burn was even and needed no correcting. Half way through the first third, it was getting stronger. More medium now I noticed chocolate, more prevalent in the aroma than in the taste. The ash was dark gray in color, and held on for about an inch.  
I started into the second third and started noticing that it was getting a little stronger, spicier and still creamy.  

I began the last third and it started getting a few notes of allspice with a hint of cocoa. Up to this point, it was a medium body and flavor, but now it was picking up strength to a full body cigar. I was enjoying this stick. It had become everything that I enjoy about smoking Illusione. A fantastic finish right down to the nub.

In conclusion: I really enjoyed this cigar and will seek another. It was not to complex, but not boring. Not too strong, but enough flavor to satisfy my pallet. A perfect burn. Even though it didn't hold an ash, it had excellent construction and a felt good between the fingers. A long smoke, but not overbearing. About two and a half hours. The finish was excellent. Creamy, and spicy with great background flavors. I recommend this cigar to the medium to full body smokers who like a more simple yet enjoyable smoke.

MSRP: $18.00 


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Thanks for the review. I smoked one of these and really enjoyed it, but it took so long to smoke I was staggering my fool ass off from the scotch before I finished.



I love you Rocky & Sammie and Bee...thank you
Nice review. I never had a cigar that big and probably couldn't find the time these days. Still and excellent review. Pictures are always a nice touch. :thumbs:
There were some burn and draw problems with the ones my local B&M got in, but even so, these showed tremendous promise. I wondered at the time if a long humi rest at a lower RH (the B&M's walk in is a bit on the moist side) was all they needed . . . and now I know. Thanks for the review!

Excellent review, Andy. I've had one of these in my humi since late last summer having obtained it in a sampler of the Illusione line. Based on your review, it would seem the time it has spent resting will prove to have been beneficial. Like you, there have been many times I've looked at it and thought about smoking it, but just never have felt I had the time to invest. Your review has inspired me though. Two and a half hours eh? Hmmm... guess I'll have to clear the calendar and light it up.
Seems like a go to smoke when the wifey has one of those "needs to talk" moment.
Considering that my ol' lady leaves the room when I light up maybe I ought to buy a box of -1-'s just for those occasions! :laugh:
Great smoke for when wife and kids are OUT. Only smoked one of the two I had. Went through a whole six pack of Blue Point Toasted Lager in the time it took me to smoke this bad boy. The usual Illusione goodness.

Nicely reviewed, BTW.