Italian Wine Cookies


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This is a simpler cookie than the popular Cartellate. My Grandmother and Aunt used to make these.
My favorite cookies as a kid, and even now. I can't remember the Italian name.
This is how my Great Aunt dictated it to me over 30 years ago:

Wine Cookies


4-1/2 LBS Hecker's plain white flour (She swore by it. I've determined this is a higher protein flour)
4 oz Olive Oil
White Wine - warm (as much as it takes to mix)

Roll out very thin. Cut into thin strips and twist or tie into a bow.
Deep fry in olive oil (No temp given but I use 375. Use Pure, not EV)
Do not let them burn. They fry very fast.


5 Lb Sugar
3 tbl chicory tied in a cheesecloth (can sub espresso beans)

Simmer almost all day.Take a spoon, make an "X" on a plate, when it doesn't run, it's good (very thick). Use a slotted spoon, and drop a few cookies and stir, then pull them out