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Flash sale!!

$2.00 off each lb of Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo, $1.00 off 1/2 lbs. (shipping via USPS is extra)

Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo Ethiopian.png
organic/shade grown - whole beans - dark roast - medium body
A fragrant coffee, smooth with a well balanced, sweet flavor. These beans are regarded as one of the finest of the Ethiopian Mochas, this coffee is particularly good when enjoyed without milk.

Regular price
$15.95 per lb
$8.95 per 1/2

This special will end Friday, April 19th at midnight.

If you’d like to grab one of these specials for yourself, a friend, or as a gift, all you’ve got to do is send me a text or
email me, please don’t forget to include you name, the address that you’d like the beans shipped to and a contact phone number. As always, I include an invoice with every order which is payable by check or money order, if you'd prefer to pay with a credit card I can do that as well...remember, I know where you live!