Killer Beans Summer Sampler


Your Coffee Guy!
Oct 29, 2003
Let's offer up another special and get some new members to the Killer Beans Family at the same time!

Four 1/2 lb bags (mix and match) for the outstanding price of $26.00. Regular price between $33.80 and $37.30 (shipping extra)

What a great way to discover Killer Beans and find which beans is perfect for you.

Message or email me ( with which beans you'd like to me send your way!

Guatemalan Antigua
Regular $8.45 1/2 lb
Nicaraguan Knife Fight
Regular $8.45 1/2 lb
Kalossi Knock Out
Regular $8.45 1/2 lb
Medellin Mad Man
Regular $8.45 1/2 lb
Brazilian Bombshell
Regular $8.45 1/2 lb
Tanzanian Peaberry
Regular $8.95 1/2 lb
Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo
Regular $8.95 1/2 lb
Electric Chair Espresso
Regular $11.45 1/2 lb
Super Sampler #1.png