Kingantz Review Thread


These reviews are excellent, thank you so much for putting the time and effort into making them :thumbs:


Flaky McFlakerton
It seems this thread needs a little touch up with the links and formatting. I know Greg isn't on much anymore, so maybe Rod can do a little work to keep this thread working, because these are some of the best cigar reviews available on the internet. I still read through these weekly, so please please please can we keep this up and running.



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atuck said:
Holy shit! What an amazing amount of reviews! I just can't believe it! Wow! Very impressed!!
And this is with some time off away from CP he took. I can only image if had hadn't taken a break. Personally I think we can read Kingantz reviews and it's probably a more real picture painted than MRN's book(s).


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Yep!  187 Cuban, 31 RE, 23 EL, and 276 Domestic reviews - total 517!  Imagine how many I didn't review.   :whistling:   Got a lot of making up to do...fer sure! 
Not sure why Alan, but I can't find my review on that little Henry Clay you sent me.  I'm wondering now if I actually smoked it (old age man, memory is going).   


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Late to the party on this and no sure if you'll ever see this?  But, many thanks for the excellent reviews :thumbs: