La Rosa Especial Mi Favorita


JR’s gimmicky marketing of this cigar had me prepared for a raunchy smoking experience that might leave me feeling a little sick – shows how easily influenced I am.The tissue wrapped cigar had a beautiful, flawless chocolate brown wrapper.  The feel of the slightly square pressed stick was just right, not too firm and not too soft.  The draw was great – maybe a bit on the easy side but that’s okay.  There was lots of tasty smoke.  I was expecting a stinker but the flavor was surprisingly well balanced, rich but not raunchy.  The flavor & strength became a little more concentrated toward the end of the smoke.The burn was a little inconsistent half way through but it evened out towards the end.  I smoked it to the nub without any harshness.  It was a strong cigar but not overpowering – don’t let the catalog fool you.As you can tell I liked this one – it makes it onto my good smoke / good value list along with Mayorga & Aristoff.