Local Cubans for sale


One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
"________ a canvas vessel containing Hugh Jorgans, ye Oedipian one."

I can't figure out what the "W" is, for the life of me, though.

That said, why did you resurrect a nearly-year old thread just for that remark? This. This right here. THIS is the moment you should have continued practicing your long running personal policy of RM/PAN (almost non-existently).


"A billion Eddie Barzoons jogging into the future
May 5, 2006
I thought of that and worth a try. But it would be easy to create a fake online identity from a device while sitting in Starbucks and enjoying an espresso. But Rod probably knows more about all these technical things than I do.

These posts are amusing and seem to do little harm. I just think these are interesting times, as the old curse goes. Half the things we hear about would have sounded half preposterous half as long ago as half those half alive now half remember it. :p


Ye Old Newbie
Apr 8, 2008
Help! I’m looking to purchase Cubans locally. Cubans are my favorite and I don’t want to smoke anything else. I live in Orlando FL I’m willing to pay any amount for some Cubans, Trinidad’s, Montes, Romeos and etc. I’m willing to drive or cover shipping. Please help! Anyone near by travels to Cuba a lot and willing to sell me some real Habanas????
Don't know much about them there Cubans...but if you like their taste, you may want to try a Black & Mild cigar...the guy that pumps my gas says they're very close in flavor. He smokes 20 of them a day.