Lone Wolf

I have seen these in various online shops for various prices per box. I found some for 25 for &#3630 so went for it. I really like this cigar. Mild, even burn, very good construction. I have heard these were a "boom" cigar and no longer made. I went and picked up another box but am wondering if I should get more. I think they are aged a year or more already since they are not being made.
Anyone know? Debbie


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I am pretty sure these are done. Belushi can't smoke anymore and the company has disbanded....so to speak.
you are correct about being in the 2001 Perelman's. that confused me also. Well, since I like them I guess I will get a few boxes just to have around!Deb


If memory serves me correct, I smoked the torpedo about 2 years ago for a cigar review at Cigar Weekly. They really surprised me with excellent construction and a very good medium bodied smoke. At the time they were one of the so called super premium smokes and I just could not justify the price.
When I heard that the company was a venture of Chuck Norris' and John Belushi's, I wanted to give it a try. Chuck has always had a reputation of being a cigar man. Like you, I bought a box for &#3625. I thought they were great. In fact, I bought 2 more boxes!


These are super cigars, especially
at close-out prices. I found the
El Rojo line to be the most full bodied; the Signature line the lightest of the three lines; and the
Vintage line in between. The Rojos
are a steal if you can still find them.


I swear I am number 8!
I have 3 boxes of these on hand myself 2 sig church and 1 rojo robusto and for the price these may be my fav cigar for mowing and lawn work or even morning cup of coffee smoke. I concur with everyones reviews
P.S. This company is done all there assets are being sold and the only cigars on the market will be closeouts from now on.
WELCOME TO CIGAR PASS -- HOUNDAWG!  :)I don't know about being the cheapest place, but I remember seeing Lone Wolf in one of my cigar catalogues last week. I found them in the Thompson Co. Inc., which is located in Tampa, Florida. On page 20 of their latest catalogue they have Lone Wolf Cigars. Robusto is 5 x 50" was 25 for &#36275, but is now selling at 25 for &#3655 - WOW! Toro is 5-1/2 x 50 was 25 for &#36270, but is now selling for 25 for &#3657. Both have sungrown wrappers. Huge price reduction on cigars that ARE close outs. LIMITED quantities. Belushi and Norris are no longer associated with the company, and the Thompson catalog says that the company is "under new management."  Lone Wolf was considered an ultra premium during the boom. Thompson can be reached at 1-800-214-4708 or www.thompsoncigar.com. I ordered a 300 capacity humidor from them a couple of weeks ago, due to my other two humidors overflowing. LOL They shipped so quickly I got it right away...classy company. They also have an online customer service area where you can submit questions, and they WILL get back to you. (They answered my question.) :)I would GIVE you a Lone Wolf to sample, but I don't have any. I have never tried this cigar either. I hope that this helps...good luck. :cool:Sam(Edited by Sam The Man at 1:07 pm on July 22, 2001)


I'll check Thompson's out. I've been on their page before, but have never bought anything. Maybe somebody is selling singles or samplers. (Edited by Houndawg at 4:18 pm on July 22, 2001)