Matasa 30th Anniversary by Fonseca

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Matasa 30th Anniversary by Fonseca

So I asked the question of a few of my BOTL, "What cigar would you like to see me review?" One of these fine gentlemen, MrMayorga, asked me to review the Matasa 30th Anniversary by Fonseca. I told him that I had not seen or heard of this particular stick, and so he sent me one to review. Thank you Dan. 

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 6.5 x 52
Shape: Toro
Wrapper: Cibao Valley Dominican Olor Wrapper
Filler: Nicaraguan and Cuban seed Ligero fillers 
Strength: Medium – Full

I had let this cigar rest for about three weeks in my humidor at 65% so it could breath after it's journey to me. As I examined this stick I noticed the a couple of large veins in this dark and deeply rich looking wrapper. It had a nice oily sheen which to me means a treat awaits. I pulled my Zino and clipped a thin slice of cap and took a dry draw. A little chocolate toffee taste.     

I lit my stick and I took my first taste which revealed a slightly creamy yet Earthy flavor with a mild spice on the tongue. The burn started even, but that didn't last long. It needed correcting and my ash was very light and almost white. It started out to be what I thought was medium at best, but had nice strong flavor notes. As I entered the second third, I noticed the spice on my tongue was getting bolder. It seemed to get notes of leather and increasing in strength.

Entering the last third, it had become a full bodied cigar with a lot of spice. The flavor was a bit one dimensional, but tasty. The finish was okay at best.  

In conclusion, I can say that it was a descent smoke, but not worth the M.S.R.P. of $11.00 each. CI has them for as low as $9.21, bit for that price, I can think of quite a few cigars that I would rather smoke. I am glad that I had the chance to try this


Nicaraguan Whore
Interesting. I have one chillin' in my humidor now (I'm pretty sure I got it in the blind pass at the January HERF)--I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks for the review, Andy.


Little Elm Brewing Co.
The "devil Site" has these for around $4/stick quite a bit, sometimes even cheaper. I think they are worth it for that price. Great stick, nice review Andy!