Mild cigars


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I'm a newbie here and would like some recommendations on mild cigars in the $6 to $12 range. Thanks in advance.


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Quai d Orsay 50’s $12.50 , Por Larranaga Petit Corona $5.50 (best cuban cigar for the money), H Upmann Connossieur A $10.72 (great cigar)
PM me if you want to know where to get them...


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I’m gonna suggest a couple, then suggest you search the forum for “Cigar recommendations” There are some great suggestions that have answered this question before.

Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum line

Fuente Chateau Connecticut (natural) in Pyramid or Double Chateau

Illusione Epernay line anything

Hoyo de Monterrey no.2 or no.1 (Cuban)

Any Por Larrañaga (Cuban)

Happy hunting and smoking.



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Thanks for the recommendations.
Remember......options very. You need to try them and create your own opinion because there’s some listed here that don’t even come close to being mild in my humble opinion.


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The Tatuaje Brown Labels go way up there! I'll start out with the Montecristos, Macanudos, Ernesto Perez, Ashtons and slowly build up a collection.