My Pipe Project - FINISHED!


Beautiful job man! I just started smoking pipes recently. ( got a cheapo from the local shop) I have enjoyed it greatly and it looks like your pipe is going to be a great smoke!


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Looking good! I think I'll finally tackle one of these after we get the Pinewood Derby car done this year. Until then, TheBoy(c) has the tools to himself.


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Ok, I found my good camera and took some final photos today.

The first seven photos represent the pipe after 3 light coats of "Kramer's Best Antique Improver" applied 24 hours apart from each other.

I think you'll agree that the Kramer's brought out the natural grain in the briar quite beautifully.

A big thank you Ed (Pugman) for turning me on to and providing me a sample of Kramer's and to John Kramer himself, the maker of the product, who called me personally in response to an e-mail and discussed with me at length how to use the product to achieve the best results on my pipe.

And finally, the finished pipe after buffing it out

I will now begin the slow process of seasoning the bowl.

All in all this was a very enjoyable project. It was not as difficult as I first thought it might be and I'm looking forward to creating another!

Thanks for following along with me on this and I hope you enjoyed it.



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Absolutely beautiful pipe! You did a fantastic job to be proud of for sure. Hope it smokes well for you in the years to come.


Meat is murder! Tasty, tasty murder.
That's a very nice finished product. :)

May it bring you years of smoking pleasure. I tip my hat to you, good sir. :thumbs:


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Pretty awesome Danny! Thanks for sharing with us! Ill expect to see it at the next HERF.


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Love the look of the wood grain on that! Excellent work you did there. Had you not started this thread off with "This is my first pipe project" I would have guessed you were an experienced craftsman. Congrats.

Hmmm ,idea just came to me. Maybe my FIL would like one. Maybe I should get the same kit and work on one for either Father's Day or his b-day.


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My GF got me one for Christmas! I'll start a thread when I get started on mine! I'm still working on the rough design on it, it's taking me a minute because I can't quite figure out what I want the end result to look like.


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Awesome absolutely beautiful piece of art! Bravo my friend, bravo!

How does it 'feel' in your hand?...and does it make you 'feel' when you hold it in your hand?



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Awesome absolutely beautiful piece of art! Bravo my friend, bravo!

How does it 'feel' in your hand?...and does it make you 'feel' when you hold it in your hand?


I'm a lefty and this pipe was specifically carved to fit my left hand. The curved portion between the bowl and the stem fits my left thumb perfectly. The overall pipe is not too large so as to make me have to consciously grasp it or where I get tired holding on to it and not too small where I have to worry about dropping it. It feels like it belongs in my hand and when I'm smoking it is totally relaxing.