New Baby Contest


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Sorry I didn't participate. I misunderstood the "new baby" part and was out practicing.

Congratulations! You can send me all your cigars now - you won't have time for them anyway.

cabaiguan juan

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I was able get the two packages in the mail a day before NYE! So Madmonk and Oke&Coke, your DC Numbers are respectively:
9505 5000 0093 6365 0006 46 - expected delivery is Wednesday
9505 5000 0093 6365 0006 39 - expected delivery is Thursday.

Happy New Year everyone.


Shut up baby I know it!
Forgot to post but my prize came in yesterday in fine shape. I look forward to trying these and thanks again. Hope all is well with the little one.


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My son just brought mine in! VERY cool! A very nice letter too.
I can say I haven't smoked any of the cigars, and that there are a few I've been very curious about. My son is looking stuff up on the internet. (He likes to help Dad)

Thanks a lot, Jon. Made my day!