NewAir 281 Build

@Pugman1943 sorry for the late reply. I am in Paris, Tx. I frequent En Fuegos often in Rockwall. The weather has been hot, and work has been busy. I have not opened the humidor in a few weeks, and to my surprise it is holding a solid 65% and 67F. I haven't added water in weeks, and it is running like a dream. I had a power outage due to a storm, and the unit does default to the lowest setting. Not a big deal really. It sits in my living room so I monitor the temps daily. After all the headaches I have had in the past, I will say it again, I wish I would have built one of these years ago. I plan to order some more Spanish cedar next week, and add another drawer.
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Yada, Yada, Yada.
You want to remove any scented litter, from that kitty litter. The blue pieces, should be scented, so remove those...........unless you want to make Acid cigars on your own, in your humidor.
@bfreebern the kitty litter I am using is scent free. The blue crystals absorb and release humidity, and the white only release. I am amazed at how well my unit holds the RH. I just checked and it sits at 65%. Being temp controlled helps a lot I'm sure. My house sits at a very constant 70 degrees, so I limit the factors as much as possible.
Some new additions
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