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My wife and I rescued a Boston Terrier from an "all kill" shelter, he has some problems physically, but is a super sweet dog of 2yrs old (He was due to be put down the week we took possession of him). He get along very well with my Springer pup Zane, who is almost a yr old now. Here are some pics.
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Congrats on the addition. I've 'rescued' dogs from the local shelter a few times. Very rewarding saving a dog from euthanasia.


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Congrats on doing such a great deed!

I wish more folks would adopt from a shelter. He's a cutie :thumbs:


Awesome lookin dog there. Love dogs! I "share living space" with a chocolate lab... dogs have so much personality how can you not love em!


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Great pictures!! I don't have a dog, never had one growing up..but I already know what kind of dog I want and have a name picked out for when I get a place of my own. I want a lab (not sure what kind)'s gunna be Stryker.


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Good on ya rescuing that poor guy!

Heres a pic of my border collie/springer mix, named Misty. We rescued her from a shelter too, we only get our dogs there. They seem to have a more "grateful" attitude when you give them a home vs. Pet Shop Dogs:



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That dog's gorgeous I have seven of them and I can't seem to stop loving them. I can't understand why any one would give up their pup to a shelter I don't think any reason can justify abandoning a dog... so what's the physical disability you speak of?


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.. so what's the physical disability you speak of?
The boston (Vance) has a luxating patella on both his rear one knee wants to push out and the other wants to push in. We are going for a consultation this weekend and see how much and when they can do surgery, we are also applying for a grant for the rescue organisation as the initial medical report indicated he may have luxating patella, when we brought him to our vet, well he actually has severe luxating patellas. He also had some mange on his face (which is now almost gone) and was a little malnourished. From what we know, he was from somewhere in Texas, and we can only assume the original owners gave him up due to the expense of the leg surgeries. He is crate trained, house broken, knows the basic commands, sit, stay, lay-down, etc. and is just a loving little couch potato,and gets along with our springer Zane like they were born together.