Ninja Blenders


J.C. Newman owes me royalties.
Any testimonials on these? Thinking of getting one. No specific reason really. I do drink a lot of protein shakes as my morning starter, but I also just need a blender in the house.

These seem to be the best ones out there when it comes to functionality and cleaning ease.

Anyone have any feedback?


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I have one of these and I love it. Works great, easy to clean, haven't put anything in there that it couldn't blend. I got mine at Costco where it came with a couple travel cups with blending lids and those are great for smaller, more quick blends without having to bust out the whole unit. I would definitely buy it again.


Oh My!
We were just talking about these...and a Vitamix.

Vita is way more money...but they last way longer(depending on use).

Me...I'd grab the ninja if I need it once in a while.

Daily juicing and smoothie stuff...spend the $$$.


J.C. Newman owes me royalties.
I can grab one at Bed Bath and Beyond with the standard 20% off coupon. I figure I probably can't go wrong. Good to hear some good feedback though.


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Never heard of Blendtec but it looks like a beaut except for the price. Wonder how well it would mulch leaves?