Oliva serie v melanio robusto


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Jan 15, 2015
When I put the top down on the Jeep those Serie V maduro double robustos stand up very well to the wind through the car, they don't unravel and they are strong enough to taste. A very well made stick.
Its funny, i was just taking with the fiancé about how I actually strategically pick which cigars I smoke in the convertible when I commute between houses. I've learned the messy way that some cigars just turn into a mess when there is even just a little bit of air turbulence. I only have the Serie V Melanio belicoso, but never tried it in the car. Might cue one up for the weekend's drive and give it a shot.


Sep 9, 2017
I have gone thru a box of them in Robusto now, and have another box in waiting and a box of the Maduro version seasoning up nicely.
Cold draw after V cut, I received some bread notes with a touch of cedar.
After first light, some pepper ends up in the back of the throat; just a touch, then a light sense of barnyard and what I would call a nuttiness with some salt.
The burn is excellent from everyone I have smoked (I keep most of mine at 67 percent and the temp bounces around between 70 and 75.
A solid medium in the 1st third, the 2nd third brings on toast with that bread note again, then a shot of pepper with cedar. I would move this one up to medium / full now.
Final third is what I consider a dark cocoa touch with a barnyard / earth which is nice.
The draw was from start to the final third then it really opened up which brought in the heat in the last inch.
For the dollar a great cigar and my oldest son's favorite.
I usually have one then wait at least a few months to let them season. These Melanios didn't change much in that time.
I am looking forward to smoking the Maduro version shortly in Figurado.
BTW, when I smoke something new, at home I always pair with ice water.
From there, I move into what I think it will mate with.