One Year Anniversary Contest

George Scott

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I'd like to offer a contest for my one year anniversary here at CP.

I wanted to do this on my actual anniversary date, Feb 1st, but lost track of the time and missed it by a couple weeks. Oh well, life (work) got in the way. So here goes nothing!

The Contest:
  1. Guess now many boxes of CC's I have accumulated in my the new humidor I acquired last year.
  2. The person closest without going over wins.

The Rules:
  1. Since I've been here one year, only other members for one year or more qualify
  2. No dicks can play (I get to determine if you are a dick :rolleyes:)
  3. If you are rude, you're disqualified :)
  4. One guess per member, obviously
  5. Contest ends Friday 2/24 6:00PM Pacific time
  6. Make this thread fun (underboobage is encouraged :p)

The Booty:
  • My choice of a fiver from my stash of young CCs

A few hints:
  1. If you don't already know, I have info on my new humidor posted on the forum, so you can narrow down your guess to something more educated
  2. My humidor currently only has CC boxes, anything non CC has been moved to a cooler
  3. I'm close to being at capacity and still have some air space around the boxes
  4. Don't bother looking for my posts on purchases, I don't do that
Let the games begin!