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Hi Guys,

I have been out of the loop for almost three weeks now.
First there was a week at the Outer Banks of NC. No phones or computers, just sand, sun, family and cigars. It was great.
A few days home and then a trip to Huntsville AL to see my brother and drop some of the big pit caves in that area.
It was great, in 5 days we dropped 8 pits, the deepest was 228'. I got back on Sunday and took Monday off to recuperate.

Here are a couple of pics of some pits we did
This first one is called Neversink and is 161' deep.

The second shot is at the top of a pit called Torode Pit. This one is a 190' drop.


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Sounds like someone had a great time all around! Neat pictures, thanks for posting them.


None for me, thanks.
Looks cool indeed. I've done my share of cave/cavern diving but haven't done the "dry" exploring, thanks for the photos.
Great photos bro! The thought of going into those holes freaks me out. You're crazy. :) Thanks for sharing the story.


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Thanks for the pictures. I miss my caving days.

Those look like great adventures!


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Wow! That's amazing, must get a rush going down those caverns, no fat on you. :thumbs:


cigar smokin' caver
[quote name='Smokin'Sims' post='702406' date='Jul 29 2008, 12:55 PM']Do you just rappel down and ascend up?[/quote]
Yes, most of these pits have no cave at the bottom of them.
The ones that do, just have 1000' or less.

There are some very long caves in Alabama, but we were just interested in doing the big drops.