Overlooked Cuban Lines

I was thinking about this the other day. What are some the overlooked Cuban lines of cigars that are great, but just don't have the name notoriety. What I noticed is that most of the famous ones I tried, have a non-Cuban counterpart. Usually these aren't close to their Cuban namesakes.

My personal favorite overlooked line is the Quintero y Hermano Brevas. These are machine rolled I think, but aged enough and they are great. Suggestions of names and vitolas are appreciated.
I'd say Rafael Gonzalez (Perlas are the best of current production, but my favorite were the Lonsdales), Juan Lopez (these have actually gotten better in recent production), and Ramon Allones (Specially Selected and Superiores).


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Of the ones never mentioned I'd have to say El Rey del Mundo, Choix Supreme is my favorite by far.

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