Padron 5000 Maduro (2nd Review)


Growing too fast.
After the storms yesterday evening and last night, I expected the humidity to be really high this morning, and boy is it! 87%! I always hate seeing the wrapper on my cigar immediately start to wrinkle up when I step out, and the Padron 5000 (received in SS2008 dated 12/05/08) did so, becoming sticky to the touch. However, as long as it doesn’t come unraveled, it’s all good. The dark brown maduro wrapper, naturally madurorized (like that one Luke? :laugh: ) looks like a piece of worn leather with tooth throughout, one prominent vein running the length, and slightly oily. It feels somewhat light in the hand, and squeezing the cigar from head to foot I find it very firm. With the cap carefully punched, I test the draw finding it perfect with taste of…okay, my palate may be a bit strange this morning, but I swear there’s taste of…bologna?? Maybe I’m just hungry, but that’s exactly what it tastes like.

With fire to the foot, I blow on the embers, and then take several puffs to get the smoke flowing. My first draw is definitely no bologna ( :D ), but mild spice with sweet, rich medium strength smoke that is creamy smooth over the palate. I’m getting what seems like a smoked oak wood taste along with earth, sweet cinnamon, and dark cocoa. The finish is fantastic, lasting and delicious making me smack my lips.

Through the first third and into halfway, the burn is sharp with a toothy, medium gray ash forming that holds well. The smoke coming through is cool and smooth, flowing effortlessly from the perfect draw. There’s a small amount of spice hitting the back of the tongue with the strength a good medium, however the body is full. Flavors continue to be rich, and I mean really rich, and the finish lasting.

The final half was as amazing as the first with sharp burn, perfect draw, and incredibly rich, creamy, medium strength smoke that completely satisfied my palate. What a wonderful smoke with morning coffee, or for that matter any time of the day. Absolutely an excellent cigar!