Padron Anniversary Series 1964 Torpedo Natural 2004


Growing too fast.
It’s been a good weekend with mopping up at the poker game Friday night (made up for last weekends flop), and spending the entire day yesterday cleaning up around the house. Proud of the wife as she actually did a ton Friday while I was at work. Past couple days have been absolutely perfect; however this morning it’s right at 57F with a fairly strong wind blowing making it feel even cooler. There’s a fine coating of yellow pollen over everything, and just looking at it makes my nose itch and throat want to close up.

I felt like having a somewhat milder smoke this morning with coffee, so picked out a Padron 64 Anni Torpedo Natural from 2004; should do the trick. It has excellent construction with a smooth, light brown wrapper and small veins throughout. There’s a good weight in the hand, is firm when squeezed, and after clipping the tapered head I find the draw perfect with a musty tobacco taste coming through.

The foot lights easily and after a few good puffs to get the smoke flowing, I take my first draw. A mild spice hits the back of the throat, which surprises me a bit as I didn’t expect any at all. The smoke is actually mild to almost medium; again expecting it to be more on the mild side. Flavors are incredibly rich and complex right from the start tasting of cinnamon sugar on fresh baked bread with hints of wood and leather in the lasting finish. Oh boy oh boy! :D

A third in and the burn is razor sharp with the ash a medium to light gray, forming in thick, compact layers. The smoke, which is flowing well through the perfect draw, is still slightly mild; however leaning more and more towards a good medium. Spice is kicking up a notch as well, hitting the back of the tongue and throat just right. I can’t tell you enough how incredibly rich and complex the flavors are in the smooth, buttery smoke flowing over the palate. Sweet cinnamon is what comes to mind more than anything, yet in the finish I’m getting a really good, straightforward tobacco.

In the final third, the strength is spot on medium and perfect for me, loving the spice hitting the back of the throat. What a fantastic smoke with sharp burn, perfect draw, rich, complex flavors, and lasting finish. With about seven year’s age on this one, I’m now wondering how much difference a more recent Torpedo natural would be. Anyone smoke one lately that can chime in?


Big B

Greg, sometimes I wonder if a cigar could ever live up to the expectations you put in my head when you write a review. :D Very nice review buddy. I have yet to smoke a natural Padron, I really ought to suck it up and try one.