PADRON: Magnum Maduro

Has anyone else tried these? 50 ring gauge X 9" length. I love Padron cigars in general, and when I saw that the Padron Magnum Maduro was rated a <94> in the latest Cigar Aficionado - I had to locate a box. I finally found some in Charlotte, NC. This cigar is definitely a two hour "Sunday smoke" or a "let's watch the sunset after dinner" smoke. The cigar lights easily, and has a very white ash. It burned evenly all the way down to my finger tips - without being relighted. The taste at the beginning of all 3 cigars that I have tried is one of intense chocolate and coffee. Yum! The second third eases off on the coffee taste and becomes earthy and rich until the end. This is a medium bodied cigar that I really liked. I think that the <94> rating is well deserved. Wow, I can only imagine what these will taste like in two years or more. One of the best non-isoms that I have ever smoked. :cool:


what a coincidence. decided just a couple days ago that i'm not going to make another box purchase until i get a box of Magnums. you described to a tee my own experience with the three i've smoked so far. they are definitely the best cigar i ever smoked.
Hi Mayhem VI. I am glad to hear that you had the same experience that I did. These cigars are simply delicious! I have found that just about every cigar that Padron is producing now is just great. If you ever notice their ratings, every one of them is rated at least an 88 or higher. I think that I remember a review a few weeks ago where 4 of the top 10 rated cigars were Padrons! This is the brand that I am recommending to friends and business associates. When they try them they ALL are happy with the cigar. Thanks for the feedback! :)


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I agree with both of you about the Magnum. I've never met a Padron in the regular line that I have not enjoyed. But I have not been happy with PAN/PAMs. Every one I have had have looked great, burned great, but the flavor is flat. And this is smoking about a dozen of them in different sizes.Think I'll stick with the regular line. Just got home and I think I'm going to light up a 4000 Natural. These have become one of my favorites.
Padrons have also become one of my favorites. It's a cigar that I smoke regularly, now. From cigar to cigar they are consistent and consistently good. I do prefer the PAMs over the PANs. Although, I wouldn't turn down either.
PAM's are so hard to come buy in North Carolina - I have only tried one, a pyramid. I had to buy the sampler pack to get any of these cigars, and as such, I am holding onto them in the humidor. I know that they cannot be easily replaced. The PAM that I tried was pretty good, but not outstanding. I think that the Magnum is definitely better...if you have a couple of hours. :)

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Hmmm, sounds like something the Big Worm might have to investigate. I wonder if one of those might find it's way into the grab bag pass with my name on it??? (hint hint Sam) LMAO!!!!


i had a PAM recently. i made sure to store it for a while in optimum conditions. it was a great cigar, but i don't see the price differential. give me a regular Padron any day.a note on how Padrons rate: i don't read CA anymore, but i read every issue for a year back around '97, during the height of the cigar boom. almost every issue, Padron was the highest rated non-ISOM. i noticed they were also the most reasonably priced. the Padron family could have fleeced the market big time and gotten away with it. instead they put out the epitome of the cigar makers art at a price that normal schmucks like me could afford. this i do not/will not forget.


I have to agree. The Magnum is a great cigar. You just have to find the time to smoke it. The Millennium Series in maduro is my personal favorite, but I have to say I have never disliked a Padron cigar from the regular or Ann. line.


I dont have any Padrones. I have smoked though and they are excellent. Had a 2000 recently that was great.
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Herfed another Padron Magnum Maduro after work. I took 10 of these babies out of the bottom of the humidor and put them into the top drawer in anticipation of shipping them out tomorrow for the M&M Pass...if passer number 10 signs up. I am almost  sad to see them go! The cigar that I smoked to the nub today was as good as all the rest that I have herfed! Good to the last drop! This cigar would be great with a cup of coffee or four, at 9 1/4" it takes awhile to finish! (I needed to mow the lawn, but not when one of these is lit - the grass can wait!) Great nutty taste, medium body, no bite or harshness whatsoever, extremely even burn - light this cigar and you can put away your lighter, great draw, and it tastes great the entire length. The band has alway been taken off of these sticks and they all have been nubbed down to the fingertips. I am more impressed everytime I smoke one. If there are anymore in Charlotte, NC - I am going back for another box...PDQ. This is probably the best that I have smoked in quite a while, including ISOMs. (While I was herfing this beauty, a thought came to mind - that if these sticks had a Cohiba band on them they would cost &#3650 a piece...and everyone in the cigar community would be raving about them!) Hey, if you don't like a medium bodied, sweet, nutty cigar...don't smoke them - leaves more for me! :)

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When that M&M cigar pass gets to me, that will be the first cigar I have. If I like, I will buy a box and send a few your way Sammy for pushing me in the right direction of a great smoke! I can't wait to try it. I think I could wait a day or so once I get the pass to my door, but not much longer after that I affraid. Thanks again Sam!
You are most welcome! I wanted everyone to sample these great cigars, which are smoking wonderfully NOW! I think that it hurt me more to put those into the box, than it did to put in the Montecristo #2s Isoms. Hehe.
You cannot beat the Padron Magnum Maduros for an excellent Sunday afternoon smoke...just perfect. They also are not that expensive when compared to ISOMs. I bought mine at the Tinder Box in Charlotte, NC. I am sure that they can be ordered from any Tinder Box location. In 4 years these cigars will be like liquid hazelnuts. Yummmmm!Sam :cool: