Partagas Limited Reserve Robusto


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Just finished a Partagas Limited Reserve Robusto.
5.5 inches long x 49 ring.
Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Mexican Filler: DR & MexicoI've had this one sitting in the bottom of my desktop humi for a while. I found it while searching for cigars to put in the RBTT pass. I almost included it, but selfishly decided to consume it myself instead. ;)Pre-lighting: Beautiful colorado maduro wrapper. Silky with just a hint of oil and the distinctive cameroon looks. Pre-light draw was perfect. Just hard enough to keep the cigar from burning hot without making you work too hard.Smoking characteristics: Lit easily. The smoke was positively mouth watering, full of the cameroon spiciness. The taste was milder than I expected. (I've been smoking too many heavy-weight cigars lately.) As I continued smoking, the taste developed into a rich and complex mix. I could easily taste the cameroon spice combined with an earthy overtone I associate with Te-Amos. (Must be the Mexican tobacco.)The cigar burned straight as a razor. The ash was grey-white and quite solid. I probably could have let the ash grow quite a bit if I had wanted to. This was an extremely well constructed cigar.Overall: This was a very good, well constructed, medium bodied smoke. I enjoyed it, but at &#3617 a pop, it is well outside my normal price range. Even though the Limited Reserve uses the same basic blend of tobacco as the standard Partagas cigars, it tasted different. The taste was smoother and more complex. I'll probably keep one or two of these in the humi as a special occasion smoke. If I were buying a box, I'd go with the standard Partagas line.


Just reciently bought 5 of these puppies at for &#367.00
per stick. Good smoke for what I
paid. At &#3617.00 a pop, I'm sure the
draw on mine would be a little tight