Partagas Serie S Perfecto


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Friday's smoke was a well aged Partagas Serie S Perfecto from our very own GilV's humidor.Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Mexico Filler: DR & Mexico
Length: 6 Ring: 49This cigar had a darker wrapper than I'm accustomed to seeing on Partagas cigars. The wrapper was a light maduro color and had the slightly sweet smell I associate with maduro cigars.The cigar lit effortlessly (lighting a perfecto is a snap) and burned evenly throughout. The cigar burned with a good volume of slightly tangy smoke and had a wonderfully smooth flavor; a bit peppery from the wrapper with an underlying sweetness. I'd always heard that ageing a cigar did wonders for the flavor, in this case I'm happy to say that it is true.I hated to put this one down, but my fingers were getting burnt. The ever-so-slight sweetness lingered on my lips for the rest of the day. Thanks for passing this cigar to me Gil, you did a fine job with the ageing.For those of you keeping score, I paired this cigar with two beers. I started with an IPA and finished with a Russian imperial stout.:cool:


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I myself had the pleasure of lighting one of these babies up last week. I have grown very attached to the flavor of the "S" and until now never tried an aged one! WOW :eek: I just bought a box of the exquisito just for that purpose.
Thanx Gil :biggrin:


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I for one am glad to have been able to share one of my favorite smokes with such a great bunch of people. Those cigars were the last of three boxes of Serie "S" Perfectos I bought back in early June 00. They were keep at the tabaconnist while my Aristocrat arrived. They were transfered to the Aristocrat in September. The good ageing is a testamant to the Aristocrat's ability to keep near perfect relative humidity levels. I have found that it improves a cigar even with just a few months rest in it. You should see what it does to an AF Don Carlos. I'll tell the story about that on another post/thread.Many will find the draw on the Series "S" Perfecto too tight for the first 1/2 inch or so while the "perfecto" tip burns off. But once it gets to the full ring part the draw is perfect and the quantity and quality of smoke excellent. The Serie "S" Primero ( a slightly larger ring cigar with a full ring foot-no perfecto tip) may do better for those who can't put up with the INITIAL tight draw and almost non-exiosting smoke of the Perfecto.Thanks for the kind words guys.:cool: