Police are looking for Tom...


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You just can't trust those long haired hippies from the Pacific NW. Turn your back for a minute and they're filling your mailbox with kumbaya....


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You're really gonna make your first post an insult to his wife?

Might as well go somewhere else....

Insult to wife? I don’t see it.... Anybody?

No, I am staying here. TYVM.

But thank you for being so welcoming!

Thank you for pointing yourself out as one person to avoid.


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Read and learn. You did post your welcome, let's see how it pans out for you.
This thread has been hijacked enough, I made a jovial comment several days ago. Read and chuckled over by many. Then today, as I’m sure you’ve read and learned that I was told to go “somewhere else...”. Why because someone feigned being offended and that person wasn’t even involved in the original post. Told me that I should behave since it was my first post. I even marked that it was my first.

I didn’t mean to rustle his jimmies to the point were he felt the need to scold.

Perhaps, he should have sent a PM asking for an explanation. That would have been appropriate, instead of scolding a new member on a thread.

Didn’t mean to hijack thread.

Funny pics and cool story bro.