Production Dates


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For years I had envied you guys, but now that I finally have a source, I may be even worse off! :p When talking about your favorites, many of you mention manufacture dates. Are you asking your supplier for those dates specifically when purchasing? I had some enjoyable smokes a few weeks ago while on vacation, but am worried about future purchases, if the production dates are a major factor. Is quality control down there good enough that I can expect a similar profile/flavor from purchase to purchase?


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From my experience, most Cuban cigars have a "sick" period that is usually 1-3 years from the time they were rolled. Buying cigars with a few years on them help make the cigar smokable once it hits your humi. Age does mellow a cigar which could be why certain people prefer to purchase cigars with some age to them. There are also times where a certain date is preferred, in my case I found a box from Jan '08 (the month and year my twin boys were born), so I picked it up because of the sentimental value.


Some of the factory codes also have a tendency of smoking well, so if you know you’ve enjoyed cigars from a particular batch of tobacco, rolled in a particular place, might as well try to get more of it, imo.