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Protocol-02 Blue corona extra

cabaiguan juan

My masculinity is very toxic.
Aug 30, 2006
1/3: Spicy right off the bat. As l move forward it mellows out and evolves into baking spice.
2/3: Pure baking spices.
3/3: Ends with a bread and vanilla note.
Needed several relights but very enjoyable. Maybe I need to dry box it next time? I’m going to revisit this one too as I felt it was too wet for me to give it a honest like/dislike.
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I revisited the Blue as part of my effort to rereview the first 3 cigars in their review series due to issues that were not characteristic of them lines from past experiences. I felt that the cigar for the initial review wasn't representative of the line, prompting this rare rereview. The below is my experience with the 2nd Blue review. This one is the toro size.
1/3: Pepper spice and some very faint, but still detectable mint. Also, there is a type of sweetness hanging out that is hard for me to put a description on.
2/3: If you take a Cinnabon, you know the ones from the stores in a Mall, and you lick the frosting, but don't get any of the bun, that is what I am tasting.
3/3: Cinnamon & sugar with some Oak and cream.
Much better than the first. The burn was wonky, which bothered me, but I would still recommend this cigar. This was more in line with my past/pre-review series, experiences.
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