Punch Platino RE 2009 (India)


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Oct 6, 2007
What a beautiful presentation with a shiny silver foil covered with small stars covering three quarters of the cigar. I myself would have preferred the foot to be the end covered, but that’s just me. I pull off the foil to reveal what is also a beautifully constructed cigar with the wrapper looking like milk chocolate, very oily, and one prominent vein running the length.. I dry boxed this cigar for a couple of days, however it’s still quite spongy when squeezed and has a couple of very soft spots around the mid section. The weight in the hand is hefty with the cigar having a solid feel to it, the bunching in the foot looks as though it may have some overfill and smells of sweet, fresh tobacco. I punch the perfectly constructed triple cap and find a perfect resistance with good flavor, that of chocolate in the cold draw.

I take my time toasting the foot and blowing the forming embers to get a uniform burn, and once satisfied I take a couple puffs to ensure smoke is flowing well, then a long, slow draw that brings a mild to almost medium white pepper spice on the back of the throat. The smoke itself is a good medium strength, feels buttery over the palate, smooth and creamy. There’s a salty sweetness on the lips that is very good. Toasted nuts, honey, and a light leather are the flavors I’m getting, somewhat rich with the finish semi-lasting. The burn is sharp through the first third with a medium gray ash forming that is compact and a bit flaky. Good medium-bodied smoke is flowing well through the perfect draw, not volumes of smoke, but definitely a good amount. Mild spice continues to come through with flavors consistent, the smoke remaining smooth and creamy, and the finish still semi-lasting, somewhat short on the palate. My first ashing after about an inch and a quarter in reveals a slight cone of the filler.

The middle third was consistent with the first third as far as burn and draw, however the spice seems to intensify slightly from a mild to medium white pepper with the flavor taking on a more rich taste, the finish lasting a bit more on the palate.

I would say the final third was the cigar’s sweet spot as the spice mellowed a bit, becoming mild again with the smoke a good medium strength, smooth and cool over the tongue. The flavors also took on a more rich, refined taste with the finish becoming clean and quite delicious, lasting long after exhaling.

This cigar took quite some time to smoke obviously due to the size of it. It performed well throughout with sharp burn, perfect draw, good flavors that changed to an excellent richness in the final third, with the finish following suit. I would say these definitely need more down time with proper storage for the tobaccos to marry, however not a bad cigar at all at the moment.





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Aug 4, 2004
Hail to thee Kingantz!:sign: Every single one of your reviews make me drool all over myself. Nice review(s)!



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May 7, 2009
Ditto, that's quite the streak you're on today. Way to spend the last day of your vacation.


Jan 29, 2009
What an odd presentation of a cigar. You find some wild stuff, Greg. Great review bud, good to see you made use of all that time off! :laugh:


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Mar 25, 2009
Great review as usual. What camera do you use to take such great photos?


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Nov 24, 2004
What an odd presentation of a cigar. You find some wild stuff, Greg. Great review bud, good to see you made use of all that time off! :laugh:

Do you mean the foil, when you say odd presentation?

If so it is a standard presentation used by quite a few cigar companies, both Cuban and Non Cuban.

Greg, thanks for sharing, great work as always!