Quad State Herf XIII - August 4th, 2018


" Herf King "
Well, it's the Wings for Warriors - Quad State Herf XIII eve and we're about to start putting together the guest "goodie bags" shortly. Still have a few things to get done today: pick up the kegs from Newburgh Brewery, set-up all the vendor / rep tents and then enjoy a couple of hours out at Lake Frederick with the guests that are spending the weekend in log cabins and tents.
For the guests that are planning on supporting the silent auctions, please bring your check book or cash as we don't have credit card capability out at the lake.
Cigars for Warriors will be represented at the event again this year. If you have cigars in your humidor that you'd like to donate that our soldiers, sailors and airmen can enjoy in harms way overseas, please do so.
Weather wise, we may get a spotty shower so bring a rain coat or poncho just in case. Safe travels everyone and we'll see you soon....... :)
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Crap! My flight from Myrtle Beach up to Newark was cancelled. Now scrambling for another flight. May have to fly in to Atlantic City late tonight & drive up from there.
Hope to be there one way or another!