Request your vote for a friend...


Oh My!
Feb 6, 2006
A friend of mine is in need of some repairs to her house.
She is one of 4 finalist to get a new roof and some other improvements.
If you would vote for Karen and here kids (grand kids)....that would be great. If email verification is requested...that's cool too.
Here's the link:
Here's some of her story:
Collateral Victims of Uninsured Drunk Driver
Longmeadow, MA
A 4am knock on the door changed our lives forever. My only child had perished at the hands of an uninsured drunk driver, leaving me to raise her two young daughters with minimal outside assistance. In my haze of grief, I purchased an older home in the best neighborhood within my financial reach, in order to provide the most stability possible for my two motherless angels. Working full-time and being single grandmother "mom" has taken it's toll, emotionally and financially. Shingles have blown off the roof causing it to leak into the home, and I have been unable to afford to repair the roof. It was four years almost to the day that the man responsible for this chaos I call my new life was convicted and sentenced. The Installation Celebration on June 22 would be seven years, almost to the day, and the perfect turning point to my chaos.


Nov 20, 2007
You didn't tell us we had to do one of those CAPTCHA things too. That was almost a deal breaker. :D
I shared it to my FB page too.


One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
Done.  Looks like she is solidly in the lead!