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RIP Smokyballs


Sleep deprived and cranky
Oct 11, 2006
Sarah Oldham is feeling heartbroken.
28 mins · Excelsior Springs, MO ·
It has been a rough couple of days for the family. We lost Brad early this morning, after battling stupid cancer for the almost 3 years. We fought hard . We gave it our best. But it beat us. I have lost my best friend, my soulmate, the person who has meant the most to me for 28 years. Our kids have lost an amazing dad. He could not have loved them more or been more proud of them! He fought so hard for them because he wanted to be here for them. But his body just wasn't as strong as he needed it to be.

Brad was a man of few words, but what he said usually stuck with you. When you got past his tough outer shell and became his friend, you felt grateful. To all his friends who sent him messages, thank you. They really did mean the world to him. We often talked about how getting sick showed us just how many people really cared about him and our family. To his cigar buddies, the last party you all had was amazing. He really did want to make it to next year's party. So please celebrate anyway! He would have wanted you to.

And learn these lessons. Take family photos and ones with friends. Have a cigar and drink scotch or wine or a Pepsi. Spend time with those you care about and tell them you love them!! Hug them! Every day. You never know when you won't be able to anymore.

So my darling Brad, I will love you forever. I promise to continue to raise our amazing kids the way we wanted. And one day, when I can do it without crying, I'm smoking a cigar.
Well that just sucked the wind from my lungs.
Rest in Peace, Brother.
I never knew Brad but the way everyone speaks of him makes me wish I had met him. Rest easy sir. I'll smoke one in your honor.
Damn. I didn't get to smoke one with him on this side, but I'll damn sure do it on the other.
Rest in Peace Brad. You are a great person and I am thankful for the times we were able to enjoy.