Rock and Roll HOF 2019....

Devil Doc

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First of all, the R&R HoF isn't. If it was, less emphasis would be placed of records sold and more on musicianship.
My picks would be Stevie Nicks, the Zombies and John Prine. Nicks has a good chance. The Zombies and Prine don't have a prayer in hell. The rest would never be in my HoF.

MC5 was a pretty seminal group. So were Devo, Kraftwerk, and Rage Against the Machine. All four of these both defined and pushed the boundaries of their genres and times.

John Prine and RATM are the only two on the list I really still listen to, so there's that.

Def Leppard, though? WTF are they thinking? :rolleyes:



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I agree with Doc, the HOF is a farce. The folks that should be in are not. What can you say about that?

The Black Cloud

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Def Leppard. My girlfriend loves them. I think her whole family does. I like my rock darker, harder, and far heavier.

I remember flipping channels and noticing for the first time a VH-1 metal channel. Excited, I tuned in and they were playing Def Leppard. Never again. Never. F***ing. Again.



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Devo, Kraftwerk, Todd and The Cure. Todd more for production than any album in the last few decades but A Wizard, A True Star is a gem. The other three started and kept alive entire genres of music in the US. New Wave, Berlin style electronica (which was already popular in Europe) and whatever the Cure does which is so much more than just Emo.