Rocky Patel Nicaraguan

H. Vachon

Salty Bastard
What's going on friends? I went to the local B&M today and picked up a RP Edge A-10 and an Eiroa 'The first 20 years". To prevent myself from smoking either of these sticks before resting them, I decided to grab on of my Rocky Patel's that i got in the mail last week. I was very happy with it so I figured I'd share with you fine folks.

Rocky Patel Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan


The construction of this stick is flawless. The consistency was even from cap to foot. No soft spots or lumps. It's a very pretty cigar and the green and gold metallic band really made it stand out to me. The wrapper had a very nice sheen to it. This was my guinea pig for my new Xikar Deep V cutter and it performed marvelously. The draw was perfect. The pre-light draw offered flavors of earth, chocolate and coffee.


First third: From the get go this stick has tremendous smoke output. I was surprised by the sweetness and creaminess. Mocha and earth were the two main contenders but I picked up notes of cedar and cocoa in the finish as well.

Second third: About 30 minutes in. The presence of mocha has really moved to the front. Still very sweet and creamy. I'm also starting to pick up faint notes of cherry in the retro-hale as well as the cedar I had mentioned before. It really made for an enjoyable experience!

Final third: Just over an hour in. The sweetness is gone and the mocha has really taken a step back. At this point I'm getting a very bold natural tobacco.


Total burn time was about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The burn was phenomenal, no touch ups were required. I'm not sure if it's the way it was packed but the cigar stayed relatively cool even in the final third, which is a plus for me. The ash fell every 3" which on a windy day like today is impressive.

I was a little nervous that this stick was going to be a little strong for my taste but it ended up being a medium body 👍. No real nicotine buzz. The flavor profile didn't go through huge changes like some sticks do but they changed enough to keep it interesting. And the flavors you do get are very rich and smooth, certainly no complaints there.

Closing thoughts: I'm glad I bought a 5 pack so I can see how they change over time, this one has only been resting for a few days. My only complaint I have is that I never got that spice that I've come to expect with Habano wrappers, but then again it could just be this particular wrapper. I would highly recommend this stick. Great on the palate, fairly easy on the wallet.