Roxor Deluxe Toro by Perseo

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I received a pm from Dan, a fine BOTL (MrMayorga) asking me if I had ever tried the Roxor. He said that he was at a Roxor tasting event at one of his local B&M's and that the owner had developed the blend and has Perdomo making them for him. Dan sent me three sticks to try and review. I decided to try the Cameroon Toro first. It was a nice looking stick, medium brown color with a smooth wrapper and nice construction.

Roxor Deluxe Cameroon Toros are handmade in Estelli, Nicaragua by Perdomo. The Roxor cigar brand is delicious and hand-rolled to near perfection. All tobacco is aged at least 3 years and are made from Ligero, Viso and Seco tobaccos from various regions of Nicaragua which give them a very unique flavor. Just a fun note: They used the name Roxor to be unique as it was a palindrome, which means it is pronounced and spelled the same forward and backward.

Country: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 6" x 54
Shape: Toro Perejo 
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium - Full 

I pulled the stick out of the humidor were I let it rest for a few of weeks. I clipped my cap. I took a dry draw tasting an creamy flavor. I lit with my Lotus triple torch and took the first puff and immediately could taste a creamy sweetness, and there was a slight white pepper on the taste buds. The aroma rich and the draw medium and smooth. The burn was even and the ash was a medium gray with beautiful rings. Half way through the first third, this stick was getting very tasty. The ash finally fell of after about 2".

I started into the second third and started noticing that it was getting a little spicier with a slight hint of coffee and toffee. I was really enjoying this cigar. Getting more multi dimensional and interesting. For some reason, I kept looking at the band. It is Black and a florescent green as if it could have been designed by a poster designer from the 60s. Anything but traditional, but so was this cigar.

I was forty five minutes into my smoke as I started in on the last third. It become more complex with flavor combinations that reminded me more of Pepin than Perdomo. The finish was excellent.  

In conclusion: This stick took an hour to smoke. This was an enjoyable and interesting cigar. Smooth, well rolled and blended. I look forward to smoking the Maduro next. I will have to order some of these. Thanks Dan.

MSRP: $5.20 to $6.40 Where to buy Roxor


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Phil LaBondano is the owner/blender of Roxor and owns a B&M in my home town. I have enjoyed many of the Roxor. The natural is pretty flavorful for a natural.

Nice review!