Savinelli Special Selection 2005 Toro


Growing too fast.
It’s been some nasty weather the past day or so, yesterday cold and nothing but rain. Today it’s not as cold, right at 49F with a slight breeze; however the sky is a miserable gray and looks like it could rain at any time. But, still decent enough to come out and put fire to the Savinelli Special Selection 2005 received by none other than our very own Savinelli man, Matthew. I remove the cello from the large Toro and notice the oily feel to the milk chocolate colored wrapper that has a look of leather. There’s one prominent vein running the length, what looks like tooth throughout, and a very nicely constructed double cap on top. It has a good weight in the hand, firm with no soft spots, and the bunching looks slightly loose in the foot. I punch the cap and find the draw has a perfect resistance with taste of cocoa and strong tobacco.

I put fire to the foot with my Z-Plus Zippo and blow on the forming embers until the foot is engulfed in a glowing orange. After a couple of quick puffs to get the smoke flowing, I take a slow, long draw and get a fairly strong spice at first with the smoke a good medium to almost full strength. There’s a really good flavor to the light bodied smoke, the website describes the flavor as “Creamy with notes of caramel, spice, and coffee with a toasty cherry finish”, which I find to be a spot on description, especially the toasty cherry finish as that is just what I’m tasting.

Through the first third and heading into halfway, the burn goes to one side, however corrects itself with the ash quite flaky and loose. Medium to full strength smoke is flowing well through the perfect draw with the body still seemingly light on the palate. Flavors continue to be as previously described with that toasty cherry finish that I will say is rather short. I’m not finding the flavors as rich as the Liga Especial or R & R, however it’s still a very good smoke.

As the fire passes through the halfway mark and into the final third, I can see this cigar has a very thick wrapper as it is black and seems to be curling in at the edges. I’m having a hard time getting good smoke to come through, and after taking a couple puffs a huge amount of whitish colored smoke pours out the middle of the ash making me think there’s some tunneling going on in there. The burn is even enough with the medium to dark gray ash still loose with large flakes leaning outwards. Flavor is mostly a straightforward tobacco with more of a charred cherry wood in the finish.

In the final third, the smoke started flowing well again through the perfect draw with the spice still kicking pretty good. I get a nice tingling in the nostrils as I exhale slowly through the mouth and nose. The burn continues to be even with a compact ash now forming that holds well until tapped off. There’s close to a full strength in the smoke and flavors are consistent with a straightforward tobacco, the toasty cherry taste still there however a charred wood is left on the finish. I have to say this is my least favorite of the three smoked so far, but still a good, solid smoke.



Newbie Dirtball
Sorry to bump an older thread, but I wanted to share that I had the opportunity to give this a try last night while smoking with Anthem. I haven't tried the other Savinelli's yet, but I really enjoyed this one. My pallete was not fresh, but its profile was different enough that I could pick out a few of the flavors. Overall I found it to be a very enjoyable smoke.

Great review Greg!
I totally agree with DirtyDave. I really enjoy the Savinelli. I never would have tried it had it not been for Anthem. Thanks Anthem.