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Short notice but Wilmington NC this weekend


There Once was a Man from Nantucket...
Dec 1, 2007
Do we have any members in the Wilmington NC area or know about the area? Me and the wife are going for our anniversary. We fly in thursday nite and fly out sunday nite. Going to be staying in the Riverwalk area and attending the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ event sat at the Riverfront at the Live Oak Bank Pavillion.
You'll love Wilmington, enjoy!
checked the weather report and rain all weekend. guess we going to be drinking in the rain. Found a cigar store not to far from the hotel, hopefully they have room inside to chill (doesnt look like it on the google search)
My mom's paternal line was in Wilmington since (at least) the Revolution, I've never been there.

Hope it doesn't rain on you too much!
I did the one in MD a few years back and it was a great time. I wanted to go back this year, but the timing didn't work. Hope you guys have a great time, and happy anniversary!
Friday looks good most of the day as well as Sunday. Saturday is the one to watch. Yes Happy Anniversary.