Smoke in new car?


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Always smoke in the car, window slightly open and spray Zepp Smoke Odor Eliminator and/or ozium and leve the windows rolled down in the garage. Normally it's not too bad the next day.


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I don't smoke in my vehicles anymore. I had one of cigarette lighter plug in ozonators (sp). Other than having to dissipate the smell of ozone the first thirty seconds it really did kill the smell overnight. I,m not sure if they make them anymore. I don't mind smelling like smoke, but my passengers disagreed. I've never smoked in the house.


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I'll smoke in my car with cloth interior. I just crack the driver side window about an inch, turn the air on to blow onto the floor and try to blow the smoke towards the window. It does a really good job at sucking any smoke out. I don't think the smell hangs around too long, if at all.
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Windows down, vent floor and defrost on high, and buy a couple of these for after. Once a week and no one's complained yet.