SoCal Herf/BBQ/Beer Day- At My Place in Torrance!


SoCal Herfin'
Okay Gents,

The time has come, I have been missing far too long, I have angered the man that is Billy Hobinson!

I am extending an invite to all SoCal brethren to come, feast, drink, and puff in my backyard wonderland on Saturday January 26th at 1PM till whenever.

I will be grilling burgers with fixings, beer with appropriate drink ware, just bring your own stogies and your handsome self!

You are welcome to bring certain beer and food with you as I understand some of you have to watch your hourglass figures.

Please post below if you're coming!

Jimmy - emoshun
Matt - 42 - CONFIRMED
Charley - Charley +1 CONFIRMED
Jeff - The Black Cloud CONFIRMED
beyond the band +1 MAYBE
fernious DECLINED
Kingsfan91 DECLINED
PurosLocos MAYBE
souldog MAYBE



SoCal Herfin'
GAVIN! You're going to be sick that day, you're going to be sick that day, you're going to be sick that day.....

Just a thought ;)

The Black Cloud

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I'm planning on being there but I'm just worried that I have something already planned. I can't really think of anything I might have so I'm planning on making it out there!


SoCal Herfin'
Funny thing is I know the model (Christine Mendoza) and while I would love to have her come, my wife wouldn't be too happy.

Unless you want to just say she is with you Paul! :whistling:


Wanna Be Tough Guy
Hey Jimmy, KINGS game starts at 5.... Will you have access to watch it? I will see if KingsFan91 and Fernious can make it down with me.

beyond the band

cantankerous newb
Not sure if my kid has a tournament. It's up in the air. If not then count me IN. I'll try to work on the pup.
I may bring my son, hes 20 now and is becoming a fine BOTL.

Fat finger fix


Wanna Be Tough Guy
[sup]Cool, Kingsfan91 texted me and said "He is in" I will drive my truck... but you are driving it home.[/sup]