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Sources, Fogs, etc

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Nothing to elaborate on Bro, just being my normal smart assed self. Shocker huh? ;)
This is primarily directed to newer members (those who have been here 2 years or less). If you are seen asking membership to verify a source, your account will be suspended and/or banned. If anyone sees this happening, please PM me and I'll take care of it. If someone can't take the time to read our rules upon joining, they don't belong here. The rules are posted in several locations, and you definitely can't miss them when you join.

Apparently newer members these days think they're all "fogs". Just a side note, a "fog" is not someone with the most posts (that's called a post whore, attnention whore, etc. :) ).

Rather, someone who has been here for several years (typically more than 4), has contributed to the community, and is an all around upstanding member.

Post count means absoloutely nothing when it comes to determining who the "fogs" are.
Those who have put their time in have helped to shape CP; it irks me to see newer members blatantly disregarding our long standing rules and core values. Earn your keep and benefits will follow. Those who want direct access to "fogdom" will fail. Enjoy the community for what it is...

I hope this is clear.

I'm asking for EVERYONE to please help enforce this rule. If you see anyone discussing sources or requesting source verification, please let me know. Even though I'm against deleting content, I may have to start deleting threads where people request this information - I will not be at risk for other people's behavior.

I wouldn't be making a big issue out of this if it wasn't necessary.

Purple for the royalty! :D

So, it does look like all the 'stuff' that's transpired recently really has been talked about before.

What have I learned:

1) PM an established member if something is in question(good or bad).
2) PM a person directly if there's a concern(note - don't escalate...PM Rod instead).
3) Stay out of the FOG's way.

Something I learned on my own:
I'm not that improtant to take things personally. ;)

(In order to adhere to 1 and 2, I'll have to work on my pm skills!)
Following the rules posted in the forum sums it all up quite clearly.
Not open for further replies.