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A while back I picked up some 2008 Monte #3's and I recently have smoked a few with high hopes but I've been disappointed. They each have started out with a somewhat tight draw and a simple grassy smoke. After strugging through the first 3/4 of the stick they start to open up and finally at the end a much better taste but overall it has been frustrating. They are around 67 humidity. I really think they should be better than what I am experiencing. Basically boring until the very end... Too dry? Not dry enough? Should I just put them back for a while? Any suggestions? Thanks...


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Also, not “every” box of Cuban cigars is perfect... I have had my share of duds, although since about 2002 it is very infrequent, maybe 1 out of 50 boxes... They could have also been mistreated before you got them. Buying aged cigars is a gamble sometimes.
I hope the dryboxing fixes the problem, please let us know if there is a difference.


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My Staebell varies a point or two from top to bottom. Been running the set point @ 65% and been quite happy with how it works out. Still need to dry box some sticks, however. Bill's point is on the money. Worth getting a small desktop and keeping it running with 60-62% Bovidas or beads, just for sticks you want to smoke in the next few days.