Super Bowl Squares 2019 FULL

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
It’s a New year so time to try something new! As you may have seen Tom is not going to run it this year so I can’t let a great tradition die! So this is what we are doing.

Last year Josh threw out a great idea of a cash league and we use the money to by 4 boxes of CCs one per quarter and I thought it was a great idea.

So this is what we have for $1000 Pot
1st Quarter 1-25 Qt. Box of Montecristo No.4
Half Time 1-25 Qt. Box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos
3rd Quarter 1-25 Qt. Box of Montecristo No.4
Final Score: 1-25 Qt. Box Cohiba Robusto

1st and 3rd quarter prizes:
Both are Box code: LEP JUL 16

Halftime Prize:
Box Code: TEO JUN 18


Final Score Prize:
Box Code: PUR FEB 17


The rules are simple...
-$10 per square 5 squares per person.
Your $50 will be Pay Pal to me .
-The payouts will be a box off CC’s for the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and final score.
-So there will be only room for 20 people to join this pool.
- A non CP member is welcome if they are backed by a member.
-I will pick the boxes and order them once all money is received.
-I will post some pics of the boxes once they are in.
-Post here that you are in and I will add you to the list below.
-You have Six weeks to get me the money via PayPal at So money needs to be received by December 21st.
So Who’s In?

1. Tall Paul Payment Received
2. thinde Payment Received
3. Nihon_Ni Payment Received
4. tone-ny Payment Received
5. StatHaldol Payment Received
6. Christy (StatHaldols +1) Payment Received
7. Maduro Clint Payment Received
8. duglynukem Payment Received
9. Brickhouse Payment Received
10. bfreebern Payment Received
11. Meyekey Payment Received
12. Adam C. (Paul’s +1) Payment Received
13. CigSid Payment Received
14. Paula T. (duglynukem's +1) Payment Received
15. Josh M. (Meyekey's +1) Payment Received
16. Johnny B Payment Received
17. Thoughts Payment Received
18. golfgar Payment Received
19. Nate 1977 Payment Received
20. modo22 Payment Received

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I didn't see this when you first posted it, but I'm in for $50.

Perhaps the 5 square per person is a roadblock to some?

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
If you haven’t sent me your funds please do so. Sooner all the money is in the sooner the boxes are ordered