Take a Picture Contest (3)


Secret Squirrel

Well, it's been a while since I've been on the site regularly....

Weather is warming up, it’s time to smoke em if you got em...

Same as always, I want to see a sunset or sunrise for your area of the planet...

  • Picture must be taken within this month.
  • (2) entries / submissions per person allowed
  • It must be your picture
All submissions by end of March

What do you get?
Winner = Dog Rockets
Runner up = Dog Rockets
Runner up = Dog Rockets

1 Winner
2 Runners up

Chosen by random generator...
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Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
It has been cloudy here for about 5 days, roughly since you posted up the contest.


You're unique...just like everyone else
Wow! What a great thing to find out on Monday morning. Thanks. PM coming forthwith.