Tatuaje event at 2 guys in Salem, NH


I like cigars
Sep 7, 2005
I got this email from 2 guys cigar shop in Salem NH. Thought I'd post it. I thinking of heading down after lunch. Nice shop for those in the area that haven't been there before.

I'm not affiliated with 2 guys or Tatuaje

Tatuaje is hotter than ever and Pete will be up to see that it doesn't

Pete Johnson, arguably owns the two hottest brand
names in the world today. Most people can't
pronounce them,
Tatuaje, pronounced (tah-to-ah-hey) which
means "tattoo" referring to Pete Johnson himself,
known to many as "Tattoo Pete" because of all the ink
that adorns his sleeves. And Cabaiguan (kah-bei-
gWAHN), (an area in Cuba that produces some of
best tobacco). But after one taste of either brand they
learn them fast.

Pete has his cigars made
in Little Havana Miami under the watchful eyes of
Pepin Garcia and other brands have popped up
Pete's success.

This Saturday, Pete Johnson from
joins us all day (10am-6pm) for an all day in-
event at our Salem NH location. There will be
specials on all of Pete's cigars and you'll have an
opportunity to meet Pete and find out what he has up
his tattooed sleeves. Can't make it by the shop? No
problem, order any box of Tatuaje or Cabaiguan,
between now and Saturday April 14th, and
you will receive a 7 cigar sampler automatically with
order, but if your in the area Saturday, try to make it by
the shop, Pete will be happy so see you.
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